Digital Marketing Services

Brand Design, Websites, Video & Content, Search & Social

Custom Website Design

We build both content managed sites and static websites. Static websites can typically offer performance increases as they’re not querying a database to render design and content. Whether you’re looking for something you can update daily or annually, PIXRITE builds websites that yield return on your investment.

Please note:
The above pricing gets you a website. There are additional costs to keep a website active. Examples include domain name registration, ongoing hosting, content creation, SEO and advertising. We do it all. Be sure to note any additional known needs you’re unable to find/purchase on your order.
All of our websites are produced, managed, supported, hosted, and maintained in the USA.

Search Optimization (SEO)

Websites are like billboards in the middle of the desert. Just because they’re sitting there, doesn’t guarantee you’re going to have any visitors driving by to check things out. Enter SEO. We offer a wide variety of optimization services—all geared to increase your site’s visibility in search results.

Content Marketing

The good ‘ol days of slap it up, spray and pray are gone. Audiences are engaging at a very intimate level with content that drives them to be more informed, higher-energy and positively engaged with their careers, peers and personal lives.