Business Starter Website

Start with a modern day business card—a website!

With a Business Starter Website from PIXRITE, you can rest assured you’re going to look good day one! We cover all your bases including unified branding, audience targeting, goals and corresponding calls to action and more!

Starting at: $2,499

What’s Included?

Content Management System (CMS)

Every website we create includes a CMS with admin access. We trust you know your limits and if you need something updated that you can’t do yourself, we’re available on short notice to help you out!


One Month of Hosting

Websites are collections of files housed on servers typically setup to function securely and efficiently—kind of like a PO Box sitting at a UPS Store®. Both of these factors can determine the ongoing cost to “host” your website.

Every PIXRITE project includes…

No Hidden Costs Period

Usually hidden costs start with not knowing what you don’t know. We disclose everything we think you might want / need and help you to understand the benefits and value of each suggestion. The price you see is the price you pay.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Success is always measurable in digital marketing. It can be a tangible deliverable like a website or a file. Sometimes it’s a metric or a lead. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction with measurable results no matter the scope of the project.


Support & Maintenance Option

Our maintenance plans are geared to provide you with peace of mind while protecting your initial investment. Support & Maintenance options typically include preallocated time you retain on a month-to-month basis—at your discretion.

Sample Business Starter Websites